Dao Wu Xin

Education in our school begins with Wu Xin classes.

Wu-Xin is five elements – five movements - five columns - five phases - five states, etc. The five-member structure that determines the main parameters of the universe consists of:

fire(火), water (水), tree (木), metal (金), earth (土).

In addition to philosophy, this system is used in medicine, martial arts, numerology, etc.


The corridor of love

According to Taoist philosophy, there are two main paths in spirituality and they are through Love. Spirituality is communication with the spirit. The Spirit is a part of the creator, that is, it allows you to have a direct connection with the creator. To enter into the spirit and begin to communicate with it, it is necessary to break the circle of "yin and yang". But first you need to enter it. This can only be done if you have true Love and then Absolute Love.

The circle of yin and yang, used in Taoist philosophy , is male and female, where Yang is a Man and Yin is a woman.



MASTER HONG-GIA is a “One man band” in whom softness and rigidity, relaxation and tension are combined in a whole, with natural choreography of body movement.

Visually, the movements of master Hong-Gia are no different from those of an ordinary person who just walks along the street, his soft movements flow into explosive ones when attacking an opponent, without tension and fuss, he delivers a crushing blow, as if the crane hit with its beak, all very quickly and efficiently, and after that the master is again relaxed and soft, like a tired tiger continues to move on calmly. The viewer does not even understand what happened.


Kung Fu 5 Elements is a Methodology for Health

Taoist gymnastics considers the human body as an integral and self-healing system. Its study begins with an understanding of the work of the human energy system and the principle of restoration of the skeleton, muscles, ligaments, tendons and internal organs (wu-hsin).
Let's take a little more detail.

Five natural elements with their unique properties were called upon to make an analogy to the five internal organs of YIN and YANG of the human body, where metal, wood, water, fire, earth in this system symbolize the lungs, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen (YIN organs) and the large intestine, bladder, gallbladder, small intestine, stomach (organs of the YANG).


Why you need Kung Fu

The literal translation of Kung Fu is “work” (Kung) and “time” (Fu), so it can be translated as time devoted to working on your improvement. At first glance, it seems like everything is simple, but this is not entirely true. This is a huge lifelong journey, because one is simply obliged to spend all their time on learning and teaching, and this is kung fu. How do you know how good your Kung Fu is? By practicing Kung Fu, you gain happiness, joy and health.


Kung Fu is a treasure trove of health

The health-improving effect of Kung Fu training can be appreciated after a couple of months of regular training. The state of health and mood is significantly improved, as well as the condition of people suffering from various diseases (cardiovascular, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system) is alleviated.

Kung Fu exercises have a beneficial effect on the performance of the nervous system, the state of which affects the activity of all other systems of the body. Therefore, any physical exercise that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system has a high value for the health of all body systems.


WU-CHI - technology "without borders"

Our wellness center, led by Master Shao, specializes in oriental wellness techniques. The combination of ancient techniques and modern scientific developments in the field of healing with the help of motor and breathing practices is what we have been doing professionally for over 30 years. The basis for knowledge is Wu-Chi.

“Wu-chi” or “Wuji” is translated as “without borders”. It collects within itself many techniques and they are all aimed at human health, at all levels.



Hong-Gia is a Taoist Kung Fu school for achieving Wu Chi (Wuji). It contains various techniques and directions for self-improvement, allowing you to know the nature of human, reveal your potential and learn to master it. HONG-GIA is one of the oldest schools in the world, which has existed since the 1st century BC. It formed a worldview that explains the entire universe by nine laws, where a person has the opportunity to become the center of the universe.


Do not miss the time. Invest your wisdom in children, Dad

According to Taoist philosophy, we are all students and teachers, so accept it normally that your children are given to you to teach you something.

Consider the triad: children, parents, ancestors. Children teach their parents through actions (actions). Parents teach their ancestors with words (conversations). Ancestors (parents of parents) teach children wisdom (correct thoughts). The Taoist school attaches great importance to the education of children from the first day of life, as this is our future. Parents and ancestors of children should clearly understand what to talk about, how to talk, at what age and that they should be engaged in training, and not the kindergarten teacher.


Safety precautions for meditation

In modern times, many teachers of various sports, yoga or psychology, following the fashion and great interest in such classes as meditation, open their classes, courses, etc. I am glad that the world has already begun to understand more that meditation is an integral part of a person's life. But we must all understand that meditation is a science. You can't go blindly or improvise in it, you need to know this subject and at the same time be an expert to open such classes.

Let's touch on a few key points that will allow you not to get on a false teacher, who usually sets the goal of earning money or is trying to study at this moment themselves.


How to enter into spirit and what is spirit?

At the beginning of our conversation, we need to explain that according to Taoist philosophy, a person has a body, soul and spirit. We can see their manifestations through movement, breathing and consciousness. The balance in this triad allows us to have happiness, joy and good luck. The balance in them goes through the right connections, where movement is connected with breathing, breathing is connected with consciousness, and movement with consciousness through breathing. Only in this case, our body can have a connection with the spirit - through breathing.


Tao Wu-xin

Teaching in our school begins with classes of Wu-xin.

Wu-xin is five elements - five actions - five movements - five columns - five phases - five states, etc. The five-membered structure that determines the main parameters of the universe consists of: fire (火), water (水), wood (木), metal (金), earth (土).


Tao Tai Chi and Nga-Mi

What we want to convey to you is the ability to achieve the state of Wu-Chi.

Wu-Chi-literally "without borders", a state that has no borders. We can say that this is a technique for achieving conscious or zero consciousness through the Vo-Kyk ("great limit"). But to do this, you need to go through the Path of Tai Chi and the Path of Nga-Mi. I would say that this is the primary task of every person, since this technique will change your life for the better. Thanks to this technique, we will be able to understand who we are and fulfill our mission.


Dao Pa-Kua (Ba-Gua)

According to myths and legends, humanity has appeared and disappeared several times on the planet Earth. Our world is already the fifth.

Unlike the past world, where everything lived according to the concept of Love, the modern world is arranged in such a way that the main concept of life on it is a struggle between the forces of good and evil. Evil entered it in the first 7 days after the longest day of the year, because from that moment the night, the symbol of Evil, began to grow. Every day, Evil defiled one of the elements. The Creator has partially restored everything, but Evil remains in our world, so the struggle continues. The only question is-who has more strength?


Tao Meditation

Meditation is a technique of controlling the element "air".

This element gives us the possibility of eternal life. It is clear that we breathe air, but meditation gives answers to the method of controlling it. In order to reach such a high level, daily practice is necessary (at least three times a day), provided that the correct method is used.


Taoists about the rhythms of life and the waves of fate

Life in the 16th century and life in the 21st century differ in rhythms, but then and now it is still the same person with the same hands and feet. If we live today with the rhythms of the last century, our body will be destroyed. The rhythm of life affects our health, because it is connected with breathing, and breathing with consciousness, and consciousness is directly connected with the cycles of the planets and the ratio of these cycles to each other. And since the planets and man are affected by the same cosmic forces, and according to Taoist philosophy, man is a small universe, then on the basis of this we can study our earthly life and understand how everything works.


Couple - man and woman in the circle of Yin and Yang

The world in which we live is arranged according to the principle of interaction of the two-pronged principle "yin and yang", symbolizing the masculine and feminine principles. Everything in this world can be decomposed according to this philosophy. Even day and night, heaven and earth all symbolize "yin and yang". To understand the law of their interaction is the art of tai chi and nga-mi.


The quality of love

We will consider one of the key sections in the Tao of love - its quality. So as understanding this issue gives a couple (a man and a woman) to get happiness in life. In what way? By increasing the level of spirituality, which changes the rhythm of a couple's life and, thereby, changes the level of its vibration and, accordingly, the quality of life:
-love by consent
- true love
- absolute love

What is the significant difference between them?


The Science of Love - Tao of Love

Love, love, love. Every person in the world wants to experience love. At the same time, he usually does not understand what love is, because it has not yet visited him, and knowledge about it is rarely given anywhere. Parents should pass on knowledge about love to their children through a personal example. When love comes to you, the world changes so much and vividly that many questions immediately arise. And how can I live on? And what should I do about it? Where to put this energy? What is the power inside me? I want to hug everyone, kiss them, help them, why do they look at me like I'm crazy? Some questions on the topic "love".


The way of the school is ancient knowledge

Each of us is on our way. The Grand Master of any spiritual school, having reached the top, says to himself: "Lord, this is just the beginning." There is no limit to perfection and no boundaries. We set boundaries for ourselves. The way of the School is to preserve and pass on the ancient knowledge. So humanity can use it and in the future we will move away from machines and mechanisms that may be able to take over the world. Man possesses the abilities of the Creator and can do everything by himself. I want to tell you about it.