About school

Golden Belt technique (professor-academician-the highest level)

Improvement program:
- kung fu of the five animals (top level);
- noi-kong and chi-kong (top level)
- martial arts (top level)
- tai chi + nga-mi (top level)
- meditation (high level)
- Dao-yin + Dao-yang (high level)
- crane technique (high level)
-wu-chi + wo-kyk (high level)
- "Skillet, ghost, Angel" (high level)


White Belt Technique (Professor-high level)

Software improvement Program:
- kung fu of five animals (high level)
- noi kong and chi kong (high level)
- martial arts (high level)
- tai chi + nga-mi (high level)
- Tao-yin and Tao-yang (advanced level)
- crane technique (advanced level)
-wu-chi and wo-kyk (advanced level)
- meditation (advanced level)
- "skeleton, ghost, angel" (advanced level)


Red Belt Technique (Postgraduate-Advanced level)

In the program:
- kung fu of five animals (+ the second group)
- noi Kong and Chi Kong (high level)
- martial arts (high level)
- tai chi and nga-mi (high level)
- Tao-yin and Tao-yang (intermediate level)
- crane technique: white, pink and blue (intermediate level)
- meditation (advanced level)
- "skeleton" and "ghost" (medium level)


Blue Belt Technique (University-intermediate level)

In the program:
- 5 animals (high level)
- pink crane (beginner level)
- tiger style (beginner level)
- noi-kong and chi-kong (intermediate level)
- nga-mi and tai chi (beginner level)
- martial arts (intermediate level)
- meditation (intermediate level)


Black Belt Technique (school-elementary level)

The initial course of study takes from 2 to 3 years, the main goal is to restore health.

Program sections:
- zuong-shin (joint breathing exercises)
- chi-kong and noi-kong (working with energies)
- technique of 5 animals (working with the body and breathing)
- pair work (simple exercises of the initial level)
- meditation for beginners (work with breathing + consciousness)


About the school program and levels

The basic course takes about two years. During this period, everyone will be able to restore their body and understand their Way (TAO).

The training program is built like in a general education school and a university. The school consists of 4 classes, each of which lasts 6 months. To move from class to class, you must pass an exam. After graduation, you receive a blue belt and can continue your studies under the improvement program or enter the university "Kung Fu and Wu chi HONG-GIA" - this is the level from the blue belt 1 cap to the red belt.


How the training at the Hong-gia school with Master Shao

The HONG-Gia School is a unique educational system based on Taoist techniques. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has preserved the knowledge of the 16th century, which is combined and presented in the form of theory and teaching methods that are accessible to understanding. But the most important thing is that this system combines all the knowledge that exists in the world about a person and his role in the universe. A person can get an answer to almost any question.